Unique Hotel and Spa in São Paulo

Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo Brazil

Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo BrazilAlthough Hotel Unique (São Paulo) certainly lives up to its name, looking as it does like a slice of watermelon, its recently debuted spa treatment room highlights services featuring another fruit. Partnering with French cult brand Caudalie, the hotel gives guests the opportunity to experience a variety of treatments relying on grape extracts, such as the Grand Divine Body Treatment ($80, 50 minutes) and the Facial Premier Cru Global Anti-Aging ($85, 50 minutes). The modern treatment room, designed by renowned architect João Armentano, is as unique as the hotel itself with its wood-slat walls and ceiling and innovative lighting. According to him, the idea was to create a cozy and relaxing space. “The concept was to clothe all the existing walls and ceiling with wood planks to warm up the environment,” says Armentano. “The chosen floor was the marble Basaltina, which also brings the feeling of nature to the room. The indirect lighting completes the feeling of relaxation, resulting in a smooth and calm environment.”

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