Unique New Hydrotherapy Solutions

'Hydrotherapy treatments offer your spa clients a unique range of healing, soothing, relaxing, enlivening, spiritual treatments. Most spa experts agree that hydrotherapy treatments are an essential component of a complete spa. Two concerns of hydrotherapy treatments are the potentially large amount of water needed and also the purity of the water used in certain treatments.

Vichy showers use more water than any other hydrotherapy treatment. A 10 minute vichy shower will use between 100 to 120 gallons of water per treatment and also requires more water to be used to clean the equipment and the wet-room. To minimize this, we (Innovative Spa) have designed and are now selling a re-circulating vichy shower system. This requires approximately 15 gallons of water per treatment and about 10 gallons of water to clean the system. Not only does the treatment use significantly less water per treatment, but the time of the vichy shower can be extended to 15 or even 20 minutes without additional water use. Also, the water is purified of any chlorine and other chemicals as it enters the reservoir. After doing massage, exfoliation, steam and applying special and expensive products to the skin, it is of great value to have a vichy shower treatment that contains pure water. Also, certain water soluble products such as essential oils and herbs can be added to the water. You can now customized your vichy shower according to you customers needs.

An additional benefit is that you do not need a wet-room and the plumbing requirements are much simpler than the current vichy showers which means you can use your normal treatment rooms.'

'A new innovation in hydrotherapy treatments has been introduced by Golden Ratio Massage Table Company. This new table, called the Mermaid, allows for hydrotherapy massage. Instead of the traditional foam cushioned top of a normal massage table, the client lays on a patented cushion of heated water , which perfectly contours to the unique shape of each individual. It allows for movements and manipulations not possible on ordinary massage tables and is exceptionally comfortable and relaxing. The benefits of this new form of hydrotherapy massage are very significant considering the various conditions that need to be treated that require special support and warmth. Because the Mermaid Hydrotherapy Table is only filled once with 40 gallons of water, the superb benefits of hydrotherapy in form of massage can be enjoyed by unlimited number of clients at the spa and the water use is limited to 40 gallons. For more information, visit www.goldenratio.com '