Universal Companies Opens Learning Center

Spa distributor Universal Companies has opened a Wellness & Beauty Learning Center in Southern California. The company will provide classes and on-site training in the new 8,500 sq. ft. facility located in Torrance, CA. Advanced continuing education will be offered for a broad range of wellness and beauty professionals, including spa and med-spa practitioners, estheticians, massage therapists, salon technicians, independent practitioners, and solopreneurs. “Today’s spa-goers are much savvier because of their extensive access to wellness and beauty knowledge,” says Brenda Elliott, CEO of Universal Companies. “Universal Companies’ mission is to help spas develop their businesses. This, combined with ongoing education, is a guaranteed way for spa owners and employees to grow spa operations by continuing to enhance the client experience. Our West Coast Wellness & Beauty Learning Center will help provide spas with the tools to keep abreast of the latest trends and advancements in treatments, beauty, and wellness.”

The center will officially open in early 2016, but a limited number of classes are scheduled for this fall. In addition to 8,500+ sq. ft. of multiple classroom space, it will feature two fully equipped spa treatment rooms for live demonstrations and hands on training. A showroom for equipment, professional products, and supplies will also be on site, as well as meeting space for industry events. The new center will not only provide for a wide variety of educational opportunities, but will also serve as a venue for after-hours special events where educators, customers, students, industry representatives, and Universal Companies vendor partners can meet and network face-to-face.

In keeping with its reputation as an innovative provider of solutions, Universal Companies will offer an extensive catalog of classes and trainings to ensure that professionals, trainees and students have access to the most up-to-date education, giving them the latest tools to grow their business and attract and retain clients.  The continuing education schedule for the Wellness & Beauty Learning Center will include a large assortment of classes, which will evolve to stay ahead of the current trends in treatments, products and services in the spa and salon industry.