U.S.-based Curry Spa Consulting Appoints Associate of Construction Development

Robert NevesRobert Neves has joined California, U.S.-based Curry Spa Consulting as associate of construction development, bringing extensive experiential development knowledge to the team. Neves also has a background in the creative arts, in particular in theater and film production. “The focus of my skills and creativity while collaborating on artistic projects has been all about the journey,” says Neves. “My past experience in movie productions crossed over into fantastic environments such as amusement parks, retail stores, wineries, and restaurants, and now into the hospitality sector of hotel, resort, and casino spas, where we also focus on creating extraordinary guest experiences.”

According to Lynn Curry, principal at Curry Spa Consulting, Neves is the ideal addition to the team to work on many unique spa developments due to his extensive experience in high-end and luxury hospitality and retail developments combined with his personal passion for wellness. "With a talented team, we can create space maximizing architectural designs, proper circulation and flow, appropriate textures, finishes, and operational excellence,” says Neves. “It’s all about the guest being able to relax and concentrate on being who they are in a moment. Cares are left in the lockers, and wellness becomes the aura, while showing the economics of the customer experience on the bottom line.”