Veterans Honored with Yoga Day

Veterans Yoga Day

Veterans Yoga DayYoga has always been a form of therapy for me, helping with the stress-inducing elements of a busy life. Like me, every working citizen could benefit from the perks of yoga, especially our veterans. As part of an ongoing movement to bring all valuable aspects of yoga to our veterans, Duskin & Stevens and Yoga for Men sponsored the second annual International Veterans Yoga Day on May 27. The event was held in Tufts Memorial Park in Pinehurst, NC, and not only brought awareness to the benefits of yoga for veterans but also raised funds to provide free yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes to vets. Duskin & Stephens Foundation's Freed-Om project was motivated to partner with Yoga for Men, a St. Petersburg on-line yoga provider, after learning of all the health benefits yoga can bring to our veterans. Of the 2.3 million veterans that have come home from wars, more than 20 percent experience some degree of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Many veterans have found that yoga classes help ease PTS symptoms after they return home. The psychological, behavioral, and physiological therapeutic aspects of yoga have drawn many veterans to meditation and mindfulness. The live stream yoga class led by Rolf Gates joined more than 63,800 people from more than 89 different countries. Among the participants were yoga instructors as well as partner studios and gyms that opened up their space and hearts to support the event.

The recorded event can be viewed at Does your spa offer yoga specials for veterans?