Behind the Brand: Rezenerate NanoFacial

With the introduction of the Rezenerate NanoFacial, the technology is now available to give your clients great results without the pain and invasiveness of a medical procedure. Rezenerate is the perfect marriage of science and beauty, created for estheticians and other skincare professionals. Rezenerate is used to assist the products and targeted serums you are already using to help your clients’ various skincare issues. The use of true, scientifically accurate nanotechnology allows for the precise and pain-free conditioning of the skin. It’s light, quiet, and portable. It uses single-use disposable cartridges (Rezenerate NanoFacial True Blue Tips). There is no discomfort and there is no need for any numbing agents. It’s so gentle and safe that it can be used around the eyes and directly on the lips, which is a huge hit with clients. Whether your facial is targeting blemishes, fine lines, uneven skintone, or other skincare issues, using Rezenerate to deliver your products will make sure they are being used most effectively.



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