Wellness Resource Study Reveals Continued Growth

The Wellness Resource has completed a primary marketing research study on spas in AAA 4 and 5 star Hotels and Resorts. Preliminary results show that 50% of all 4 and 5 star AAA hotels and resorts have a spa. 93% of AAA 4 and 5 star resorts have a spa. Properties were marked as having a spa if the spa is on the grounds of the hotel or resort. Spas were either managed by the hotel/resort or out-sourced to a third party.

The Wellness Resource telephoned the front desk of every 4 and 5 star hotel and resort in the United States (399 properties) and asked the question "Does your property have a full-service spa." Qualifying questions such as "Does your property offer massage, facials, and body treatments" were often added for clarification.

Study Insights

Spas continue to be added to upscale hotels and resorts at a rapid rate. Spas are concentrated on the east coast and west coast. The mid-west has not fully embraced the spa concept in the hotel and resort market.

Massage is available in almost every 4 and 5 star hotel and resort. As expected, full-service spas are more common in resorts and less common in business hotels and airport hotels.

"Location, location, location". Spas are naturals in the destination states (Florida, Californai, Hawaii) because they go hand-in-hand with the beach, mountains, desert. 75% Previous ISPA research on spa-goers confirm that interacting with nature is core to the destination spa experience.

Casinos and spas are a natural marriage (amenity for high-rollers, no need
for payback), which explains why NV and NJ (Atlantic City) have 100% spa

Many properties without spas are either 1. thinking about building spas or in the
process of building spas 2. partnering with a local day spa 3. offering in-room spa-services 4.offering health club with massage only and not interested in adding spas.

Hotel brands are making a play for the spa market. Four Seasons reservation agents claim to have full-service spas in ALL locations. Ritz Carlton plans to add spas in all
properties. Hyatt rolled out "Spa Hyatt" (there are expansion plans for 20
spas), Marriott has been adding spas, as well as W by Starwood.

Historic hotels and independent hotel with expansion restraints are usually
forgoing spa development.

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