MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa Offers Bathe in Nature Experience

MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa (Sonoma, CA) introduced the Sēfari ‘Bathe in Nature’ Immersion ($350) package, which was created for MacArthur Place guests by artist, explorer, and water healer, Jobi Manson. The Sēfari “Bathe in Nature” Immersion is a multi-sensory guided bath experience that stimulates a deep connection with the natural world. Stereophonic sound (tropical rainstorms, crashing surf, ambient music), masterfully-produced by an acoustic ecologist and Grammy-nominated artists, harmonizes with Jobi's soothing voice to create an unforgettable experience. This bathing journey is set up in-room by a bath concierge and is further enhanced with an indulgent array of plant-based products from Nature of Things, available in the custom MacArthur Place Sēfari bath kit that feature Restorative Floral Bath Soak, Cleaning Body & Scalp Polish, a Body Stone and a MacArthur Place Signature Candle. The ritual helps to relieve stress, improve circulation, stimulate digestion, improve sleep, and hydrate the skin. The bath ritual ends with a tea service curated by local Sonoma UppercaseTea to soothe and detox the body, mind, and soul. Guests can also book this experience at The Spa at MacArthur as one of the three spa journey experiences for 100 minutes at $325.