Westin Examines Travelers Health

Westin Hotels & Resorts revealed the results of an attitudinal research study on the physiological and psychological effects of travel.

The Travel-Related Responses in Passengers: TRIP Study was developed in collaboration with International Communications Research, a full-service research firm. The study revealed that travelers are often stressed and lonely, feeling out of control and even sick on the road. The study examined the experiences of frequent business travelers to better understand what physiological changes occur and how travelers feel when they arrive at their destinations. To leverage these valuable insights, Westin partnered with editors from Prevention magazine, the country's largest healthy lifestyle publication, to create a new Travelers' Renewal program, designed to help guests renew their bodies, minds and spirits during their stays.

The study found that travelers experience physical effects like sleep deprivation (55%), and sleep disruption or insomnia (22%), and psychological effects like feeling their lives are in the hands of others (77%), and loneliness (34%). Despite the negatives, the news about traveling isn't all bad. Surprisingly, nearly half of the study's respondents feel rejuvenated by flying, and many even report feeling more spiritual and "closer to God" when above the clouds (42%).

"Westin commissioned this study to better understand what we can do to create a renewing environment, designed to alleviate our guests' stress and discomfort," said Sue Brush, Senior Vice President, Westin Hotels & Resorts. "The study's results demonstrate that there is much we can and should do to make our guests feel their best away from home."