Westin Hotels & Resorts has introduced a new minibar concept called the Purification Station. The minibar made its debut at the brand's new Renewal Suite at The Westin New York at Times Square.

The Purification Station offers unique products such as oxygen, energy patches and anti-stress spray to combat the rigors of the road, as well as healthy snacks including organic wine, beer and cookies.

The Purification Station is just one aspect of Westin's Renewal Suite, a "concept room" created to reflect the brand's new positioning around personal renewal. Designed to provide an environment where guests can rebound from travel-related stress, the Renewal Suite features a decompression chamber, spa bath, Zen-like home gym, chromotherapy and tranquil water, light and music features throughout. The 1,200 square foot Renewal Suite starts at $2,000 per night.

Among the items in the Purification Station are: an assortment of Naturopatches, which are easy to use essential oil patches that create "a personal aromatherapy experience;" Oxia's Personal Oxygen dispenser which contains six gallons of pressurized oxygen and is designed to provide a natural boost of energy; Herban Essential Oil Lavender and Peppermint towelettes which are antibacterial and antiseptic; and Rohto V eye drops.

Additionally, the Purification Station offers Stress Mints to settle digestion; Skyn Iceland Anti-Stress Oral Spray to soothe jitters, ease tension and restore balance; and the Aptiva Aromatherapy Express Foot Treatment which combines natural lavender, rosemary and cedar wood essential oil extracts which serves to stimulate circulation and has a decongestant action.

Other offerings includes the Breath Palette East Meets West toothpaste kit and the RORSHOCK set of 20 inkblot designs that are grounded in the original Rorschach personality test and designed to exercise the mind.