YON-KA Launches ADVANCED OPTIMIZER Intensive Lifting and Firming Program with Flower Peptides

Yonka Advanced Optimizer Duo
Yon-Ka Paris, the luxury aroma-therapeutic herbaceutical line, is launching ADVANCED OPTIMIZER, a revamped duo of serum and cream that use flower peptides (from Hibiscus and White Lupine) for intensive firming and lifting of the skin. ADVANCED OPTIMIZER will be available for sale for all Yon-Ka partners starting immediately. Serum and Cream will be packaged and sold together. YON-KA is also rolling out a revamped Advanced Optimizer Facial for use in the treatment room.

YON-KA is the first company to offer a PURE FLOWER PEPTIDE anti-aging technology. Other companies have offered peptides from various origins, not always natural and never from PURE FLOWERS. With a unique combination of plant extracts, rich in redensifying and regenerating peptides, ADVANCED OPTIMIZER provides a complete, targeted and absolutely innovative anti-aging, firming and lifting response to the problem of sagging skin:

Two complementary products, the SERUM and the CRÈME, work in synergy to:
1 — Boost the skin's natural reconstruction processes,
2 — Slow down the destruction of support tissues,
3 — Repair and protect the skin


* Clinical tests conducted over 4 consecutive weeks on 20 women aged 33 to 65 with sagging skin problems: statistically and clinically significant improvement of the Firmness, Tone and Density parameters of the skin and Sharpness of facial contours.

** In vitro test: the firming booster effect. Hibiscus Peptides (in ADVANCED OPTIMIZER SERUM) were shown to stimulate the production of collagen 23%, and stimulated the production of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) 294% for visibly smoother and firmer skin.

*** Ex vivo test: the collagen-protecting effect. Lupine Peptides (in ADVANCED OPTIMIZER CRÈME) protect collagen to actively combat and prevent skin sagging. Skin treated with the cream showed a visibly more redensified collagen network when compared with skin without the cream.

Prices & Presentation:

Advanced Optimizer Serum + Crème (packaged together)
1.0 oz pump + 1.4 oz tube, respectively - $140.00 (Salon price $70.00)

Back Bar:
Advanced Optimizer Serum - $47.00 / 2.0 oz
Advanced Optimizer Crème - $42.00 / 3.5 oz

More information on education can be found at yonkausa.com.

Inquire about becoming a Yon-Ka partner by calling (800) 533-6276.