The Advanced Skin and Body Intensive at Sea is an eight-day Mexican Riviera Cruise which departs from Long Beach, California, January 22-29, 2006. More than a series of seminars, this is a healing and educational journey with the LUXURY of TIME.

Here is what Christine Heathman, a featured presenter on the program says about The Advanced Skin and Body Intensive at Sea:

"Are you ready for a successful 2006? As the dedicated professional you are, a 2006 commitment to renew your mind, body and spirit will set the pace for your success all year! Envision the relaxation and renewal after the chaos of the holidays. Water is the most important life-renewing source and what could be more effective than the Pacific Ocean providing the purest negative ions to nurture your soul, surrounded with the beauty of the Mexican Rivera to rejuvenate your body, topped off with a phenomenal educational program to empower your mind!

If you want to be the best at what you do, don't miss this event and the opportunity to network and learn from the best of the best in the skin industry. I am truly excited to be part of a history-making event in educational esthetics and recommend this cruising course to every skin care professional!

Susanne Warfield, a presenter on the program adds: "This is a great opportunity for attendees to spend a week with educators and not be under the time restraint of only an hour or so a day. This program is going to be a huge success and I look forward to participating!"

Who should attend: (Spa Directors: Consider sending your Head Estheticians!)

Estheticians Further your education with cutting edge information about topics you need to know about like the latest on ingredients, new techniques to combat uneven contours, new effective skin-changing technologies — ultrasound, new acne therapies and protocols, and more.

Nurses Gain an understanding of clinical esthetics. Learn about the legalities surrounding medical spas, how to set up a medical spa, selecting spa equipment and more.

The Advanced Skin and Body Intensive at Sea is produced by Debara International and is operated by mindbodytravel. Debra Buonaguidi, Clinical Esthetician, Director of Education and Co-Founder of Debara International, states, "We've created a unique approach to the educational experience for spa professionals. Our mission is to provide high-quality education with real hands-on sessions for each participant. We are also committed to providing an environment which incorporates rich and rewarding mind/body/spirit experiences where professionals gain inner balance and a renewed connection to their own inner wisdom and healing. We've even included sessions where participants can have a personal skin analysis and enhancement consultation!"

Barbara Howard, Co-Founder of Debara International, Sales/Marketing Educator and Vice President Marketing of mindbodytravel agrees: "I've been involved in developing meaningful, experiential programs for over 20 years and I can personally attest to the impact a well-balanced program has on participants. Along with the great skin education sessions, the program also features sales and marketing sessions that are fun and contribute to the self-exploratory nature of sales methodology, once again incorporating the mind/body/spirit approach to educational travel. Debra and I are very pleased that Christine Heathman, Rebecca James Gadberry, Susanne Warfield and Linda Bertaut are excited about the opportunity to teach in this nurturing, balanced environment."

The Educational Cruise Features Three Full-Day Professional Educational Programs. Here are some of the highlights:

• Next Generation of Skin Technologies
• Cell Vectors Technologies
• Anti-Microtensing Ingredients
• Latest in Ultra Sound Skin Equipment
• Menopausal Skin Solutions
• Hands-on Medical Skin Treatments
• Estheticians guide to Procedures in a Medical Practice
• Energy Management; Enhance Your Professional Image
• Client-Oriented Selling Techniques
• Hands-on Training
• Nutritional Recommendations Which Target Specific Skin Conditions
• Small Classes and lots of Personal Attention

The Cruise Itinerary

Imagine the pleasure of having breakfast on your own balcony as you glide into each thrilling new port — Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas! Puerto Vallarta will dazzle you with its gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and glittering nightlife. Mazatlan welcomes you with the energizing fun of horseback riding, sportfishing, sailing and that most exhilarating of all sports — bargain hunting! At your last destination, Cabo San Lucas, you'll have plenty of time to explore the beaches, rock formations and unforgettable underwater scenery.

Personal Features and Benefits: During this exciting program you'll have:

Personal hands-on opportunities: Don't just watch and listen - get real hands-on experience. Boost your career with your newly learned protocols and services.

Personal time with speakers: Take the time, ask all your questions and receive guidance and answers. Make personal appointments with speakers.

Personal enhancement sessions: Time just for you. Experience your own transformation with our specially designed mind/body/spirit balancing sessions designed specifically for your personal enhancement.


• All Course Materials and Program Binder
• Orientation Session
• Gift Package (Value: Over $200)
• Complimentary subscription to PCI Journal
• Complimentary Makeovers (limited)
• Morning Centering Sessions
• Optional Customized Spa Educational Excursion
• Private Wine and Cheese Reception.

Important Tax Information: The cruise ship will be used for the seminar/conference, hotel and restaurant. It is recommended that each participant consult his or her attorney or accountant for additional information concerning the tax effect of attendance in the educational sessions. There will be three full days of educational and hands-on sessions. A certificate of participation will be given to attendees after the conclusion of each session, as well as financial documentation of total program costs.

Note: Only participants who register with mindbodytravel will be allowed to participate in any and all programs.

Reserve your space now, as there is limited space. Click Here for more information and call: 1-800-874-1996 to register.