The facility has received a permit to be an official OTC products manufacturer from the Florida Department of Business and Regulation.

The new collection is formulated with clean, vegan ingredients.

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From tinctures and gummies to infused lotions, these samples are delivered quarterly to subscribers.

The online course is fully self-led and includes classes on the history of cannabis, its modern-day uses, and more.

The app helps consumers figure out their exact dosage.

The new offerings include a lotion, body oil, and repair cream.

The study observed the effects of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and CBD isolate on the liver of healthy adults. aims to simplify the purchase of CBD products by giving customers opportunities to choose the products that fit their demands.

The lip balms contain CBD and pure hempseed oil for a petroleum-free, ultra-moisturizing formula.

The industrial hemp company is in search of a manufacturing and distributing partner.