5 CBD-Based Treatments That are Growing in Popularity

Spa La Quinta at La Quinta Resort & Club (CA)

CBD Treatment: VYBES Calm & Balance CBD Massage ($255, 50 minutes, $315, 80 minutes) begins with a flight of three flavors of VYBES hemp water, followed by a customizable massage using therapeutic-grade CBD oil to help relax the mind and body and alleviate muscle and joint tension. After the service, guests receive a full pour of VYBES hemp water to enjoy in the spa’s relaxation room or tranquility garden.

What’s your best tip for marketing CBD products and treatments? “We discuss all the benefits of CBD, and educate clients on the differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD,” says Christina Cabrera, director of spa at Spa La Quinta.

Spa La Quinta
(Spa La Quinta)

Spa@theWit at theWit (Chicago)

CBD Treatment: TheWit Signature Pedicure + CBD Sea Salt Exfoliation ($105, 50 minutes) includes an exfoliation made with Dead Sea salt, CBD, and calming lavender essential oil. The treatment also includes an application of CND Shellac Gel in the guest’s color of choice on the toenails.

How do you ensure clients are comfortable receiving a CBD-based treatment? “We understand that guests can be fearful of things that are new, so we educate them on the benefits of the products,” says Brie Holliday, spa director at Spa@theWit. “All of our therapists have the ability to enhance each guest’s service with a form of CBD. We make sure to use sustainable, ethical, and responsible practices and protocols. Our goal is to elevate our guests’ spa experience, at their pace, to their ultimate comfort level. We offer a variety of products—oils, relief creams, body scrubs, and ingestibles—and have something for everyone.”

The Spa at Salish Lodge & Spa (Snoqualmie, WA)

CBD Treatment: Cannabliss Massage ($205, 50 minutes; $295, 80 minutes) is a CBD-infused body massage that helps to induce a sense of calm and relaxation while decreasing pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety.

Do you have plans to expand your CBD offerings? “We are currently working on a CBD-infused mud mask to be used in a body wrap treatment,” says Cassie MacHale, spa and retail brand manager at The Spa at Salish Lodge. “Also, we hope to start offering dermaplaning with CBD oils.”

Rose at The Joseph (Nashville, TN)

CBD Treatment: Tranquil Drift ($240, 80 minutes) is designed to reduce tension, boost circulation, and improve sleep quality. This treatment includes a 60-minute massage using CBD and CBN topical products, followed by 20 minutes of uninterrupted sleeping time.

What CBD benefits are most appealing to spa guests? “CBD is a great anti-inflammatory, as it helps relax the muscles and ease pain, and helps provide relief for eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis,” says Jo Hyde, spa director at Rose. “When ingested, it can help with anxiety, pain, inflammation, and can improve sleep.”

Pure Spa at Pelican Grand Beach Resort
(Pure Spa at Pelican Grand Beach Resort)

Pure Spa at Pelican Grand Beach Resort (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

CBD Treatment: Calming & Healing CBD Body Treatment ($165, 50 minutes) is designed to calm and treat sun-exposed skin. It soothes and nourishes the body by using a healing wrap, a CBD scrub, and a CBD balm to accelerate the healing process.

What is the response from clients when they try the CBD-based treatments offered at your spa? “We are seeing a great response from our guests of the CBD treatments at Pure Spa,” says Jackie Martinez, director of spa and retail at Pure Spa. “Many guests that visit the spa for massages seeking pain relief have shared the immediate results felt from the CBD treatments offered. The CBD treatments do get questioned at times, however, once the clients’ concerns are addressed and the benefits are explained, the idea of the immediate relief felt becomes quite attractive. Post-treatment, we like to check in with our guests and often share in the experience of gratitude both in their experience and in ours for trusting in us.”