Environmental initiatives grow, as people realize the detrimental impact single-use plastics and excessive consumption has on the planet.

Spa menus get spiritual with a host of offerings involving shamans and time-honored therapies that provide greater meaning to the overall experience.

Clean air takes center stage as spas focus on air purification with green walls, salt rooms, outdoor treatment areas, and more.

Each year, we release the top upcoming trends for the spa and wellness industry. Here’s what is on tap for 2019.

Spa-goers partake in the art of wellness in an intimate, elegant spa housed in an iconic Venetian palace.

An iconic resort at the base of Camelback Mountain undergoes a multi-million-dollar renovation and introduces a new spectacular three-story spa.

The Hawaiian-based wellness brand is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of a new, organic CBD hemp infused spa line.

Spa Terra at The Meritage Resort and Spa (Napa Valley, CA) takes advantage of its unique setting to hold the Candlelight Yoga Social each month from October to…

At Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, guests can now take advantage of the recently launched Mother Earth Melodies, which gives them after-hours access to Heart…

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown recently partnered with Hatch Mama Beauty, a lifestyle brand for pregnant women, to offer the Ultimate Prenatal…