Acannability Launches First Periodic Table of Cannabis Molecules

Chicago-based Acannability, a member-driven, direct to consumer cooperative for the cannabis industry, has announced its creation of a first-of-its-kind Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules chart. The table, which was created to mirror the original periodic table of elements, features 51 cannabis molecules and precursor acids arranged into four sections representing the entirety of the plant.  

Developed from meta-analysis of more than 400 molecules and their benefits as described in published journals, the chart establishes a science driven language for healthcare providers and industry participants to educate consumers and discuss the reported benefits of the cannabis plant. Development of this groundbreaking tool was led by Acannability Scientific Advisor Joseph Friedman, RPh, MBA, a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist and Pharmacology Expert. “The Acannability table was developed to empower consumers with scientific facts of the plants ingredients,” says Friedman. “By utilizing this table, it is our hope that consumers will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions based on their needs and the products specific elements.” 

The table’s structure follows the collective evaluation of the cannabis plant in its entirety. The layout arranges molecules in rows from left to right based on increasing atomic weight. Among the 51 boxes displayed on the chart, 45 represent various molecules (including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids), while the remaining six depict precursor acids. 

The chart will foster science-based discussions on the cannabis plant's benefits, aiding in product selection, education, and understanding industry trends, thus, empowering consumers with solid scientific knowledge about the plant ahead of purchasing cannabis products.

Access to the chart is free to Acannability members and available at no charge to the cannabis community by a copyright license acknowledgment. A printable version of the chart is available on Acannability's website