Tips to Market CBD Products and Treatments

“Guests at The Spa at Pier House request CBD relief if they have sore muscles. To promote CBD offerings, it’s important to ensure the offerings are mentioned to all guests before they receive their requested service so they know it is available. Also, make sure the associate is prepared to offer the cream during the service if the guest seems exceptionally tight and perhaps needs additional relief.”—Christiana Ashworth, spa director, The Spa at Pier House Resort and Spa (Key West, FL)

“CBD has become the most popular treatment add-on for massages. Our guests are living fast-paced lifestyles and face many demands with competing priorities. Anxiety and stress relief is the most commonly shared intention for spa visits, and offering a variety of CBD treatments has been an effective way to meet this demand, while ensuring we make people feel better. Training your team on the benefits and qualities of your CBD offering has been key to growing this category of service. Asking the guest high-value questions and making educated recommendations based on their goals builds trust and confidence in the spa experience.”—Vince Smit, spa director, The Spa at The Miami Beach Edition

“CBD massage services are our most popular treatments, as guests want a sensorial approach where they can feel a connection with the mind, body, energy, and sounds, combining all the senses and reflecting with their inner selves. As part of our daily connection with our guests, we enhance these one-of-a-kind experiences by leaving guests with a lasting memory. We offer CBD drops, CBD drinks, and CBD hand balm as a finishing touch to the massage, making the experience extra unique and even more unforgettable.”—Lorena Vega, spa director, The Spa at Baia Beach Club, Mondrian South Beach (Miami Beach, FL)


“CBD is more popular than ever before.I think many of our guests have always enjoyed the healing powers of CBD, but it was misunderstood for a long time. I think guests appreciate all of the benefits that it can provide while also understanding the difference between CBD and THC. Therefore, they know that while it will help ease inflammation and muscle soreness while inducing relaxation, it will not leave them feeling ‘high.’ I believe the key to conveying the benefits of CBD is all about education. The more that people understand the difference between CBD and THC, the more they can reap the benefits and healing properties of CBD without the fear. And most importantly, experiencing it firsthand is the key to understanding just how powerful and beneficial it is.”—Natalie Rowe, owner and CEO, Float Mandalay Beach (Oxnard, CA)

“We have a substantial number of guests who regularly incorporate CBD into their routine, valuing the chance to enhance their spa experiences with it. Additionally, we welcome guests who may be new to CBD but are intrigued and opt to explore its benefits for the first time at Velvet Spa. These offerings are integrated into our standard menu, and accessible through both our website and the informational displays on the televisions in our guest atriums. While a significant portion of our reservations are made through direct interactions with our guests over the phone or in person at the spa, Velvet Spa provides a unique setting where guests can not only experience product samples, but also engage in enlightening conversations about the potent healing advantages of CBD.”—Deborah Waldvogel, spa director, Velvet Spa at Ambiente (Sedona, AZ)

“CBD is still a popular choice for our clients, especially as the stigma lifts and the understanding of its holistic benefits increase. The spa industry has been using natural remedies for many years, like arnica or aromatherapy. As the general population is more educated on the health benefits of CBD, the more we see an increase in bookings of our CBD options. Our top two marketing tips for promoting these CBD offerings are education and transparency. We really strive to thoroughly educate our staff on the benefits of CBD and how to communicate and then educate the clients as well. Transparency with the products and their benefits is important when communicating the expectations and following through with the desired result of the treatment.”—Patti Gomes, director of spa and wellness, Glade Spring Spa at Suncadia Resort & Spa (Cle Elum, WA)