The teas are infused with CBD hemp extract to help balance emotions, relieve stress and anxiety, and promote an overall calmness.

The retreat was created for those seeking improved sleep through reconnecting with the mind, body, and soul, using a science-based approach.

The company gifted an Enlighten Tattoo Removal Laser to Homeboy Industries’s tattoo removal clinic.

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The all-natural, vegan, and organic products are carefully created with small craft batches of full-spectrum CBD.

Spas across the U.S. are buying and supporting local, domestic U.S. beauty brands.

This meditative space offers signature Vicki Morav facial and body treatments.

The Colorado retreat and other members of the Global Wellness Institute’s Hot Springs Initiative are participating in a live global soaking event.

This is likely due in part to an increase in Zoom calls and virtual meetings.

The digital summit featured talks on marketing, treatment techniques, and the industry’s future.

HydraFacial boosters allow consumers to tailor their treatments with serums to address specific skin concerns.