10 Big Opportunities to Influence Your Client Satisfaction

Have you ever called a business to complain or to get help with something you bought and been put in a voice mail maze, resulting in never getting your problem solved? Have you ever been unhappy with the service you received and then never received a sincere apology?

Since your salon/day spa is most likely a neighborhood business (and even if it's a chain where you're running a string of neighborhood businesses), it's critical you ensure your clients are elated with your service. Remember one unhappy client will tell 20 other people. While one happy client will tell four. Just do the math using lifetime value and youå?¤l see what a huge financial impact poor service has.

The first place to start with improving your client's satisfaction is by adopting a mindset thatç—´ clearly dedicated to the way you want your clients to be treatedå?­y everyone! Having what Scott Hallman, of Business Growth Dynamics, calls a é¼?lient Commitment Mindset, allows your employees the opportunity to make interpretations of how best to treat clients under unique circumstances.

Once adopted, you can take a fresh approach with the 10 opportunities listed below:

1. Prior to purchase.

  • Research your clients and their needs, and then design your service offerings.
  • Make it easy for them to do business with you.
  • Be open when the clients want to come.
  • Have a generous return/refund policy.
  • Never promise what you canç¨? deliver.

2. When they call or visit you for on-line booking.

  • Answer the telephone in a way that makes them feel happy they called.
  • Have a voicemail only when you are unavailable.
  • Have an easy to navigate, friendly, web-based booking system溶o flash please!

3. At the front desk.

  • Have a greeting that makes a positive first impression. Remember you only get one chance to make a good impression.
  • Adopt a new dress code.
  • Provide helpful assistance.
  • Educate the client.
  • Provide special service.
           Solve a problem.
           Provide fresh coffee, water, etc.
           Call a competitor if youæ± e out of stock on a particular item.

4. Develop a new customer program.

  • Roll out the red carpet.
  • Give every client a consultation.

5. After the service.

  • Ensure theyæ± e happy with all aspects of their visit.
  • Thank them for doing business with you.

6. Educate your clients on ways youè?´e benefited them.

7. Take periodic client satisfaction surveys.

  • Provide written surveys.
  • Ask clients at point of purchase.
  • Call your clients.

8. Take periodic customer needs surveys.

9. When there is a problem.

  • Own up to it immediately and make it right! (Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing, said for every complaint you hear, there are 24 unheard.)

10. When there is cause to celebrate揺olidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  • Send a personal card揺andwritten is best.
  • Send your best clients an upgrade, free service, or add-on.
  • Send your clients a gift certificate to give to a friend.
  • Make a donation to a well-respected charity on a clientç—´ behalf.
  • Always remember your business is a neighborhood busines

You've got to pay attention to the little details that make the difference between someone both enjoying their experience with you and wanting to send more business your way, or being indifferent and looking to your competitor for a solution.

By Andrew Finkelstein, The Beauty Resource