10 Tips to Market to Today's Spa Consumer

  1. Leverage today's core values of family, connections, experiences, and self-fulfillment. Products should communicate this
  2. Have family and friends programs.
  3. View leisure as more than free time.
    Consider good, fun, gathering spots that are affordable.
    Turn up the dial on pleasure.
  4. Focus on a spa envirionment that competes with other experience options such as sports and theatre.
  5. Offer up uniqueness as a problem solver or eye popper.
    Real uniqueness is the goal. So is real innovation.
  6. Give a big push to the lure of emotional qualities of product, place, touch.
    Provide venues for the customer to complain to you not about you.
    Be an oasis of service.
  7. Give consumers self-improvement tools that are accessible and adaptable.
  8. Action with a realistic investment of time or money (e.g. stress relief, skin conditioning.) Customization is a big competitive edge.
    Think of the succession of "wonder" processes and products like botox and herbal remedies.
  9. Marketing and messaging must fit the needs of "take charge consumers"
  10. Help "take charge consumers" help themselves.
    Present professionalism and credible information. Give the consumer the message, "You can't do it all yourself, you need expert help with straightforward information." Then provide it to them.