135 Million People on LinkedIn - 5 Tips

LinkedIn is growing, faster than ever! Why? Because it is a network of business professionals with jobs and buying power. Here are 5 tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn to grow revenue at your Spa.

  1. Put an hour into your profile, from a clean head shot to the interesting details that make it easy to connect with you.
  2. Add connections - Think of this as giving out the best business card of your life, it is the card that lets you stay in front of your network with minimal effort. Who should you add? Friends, family, co-workers (past and present), alumni, etc. Try and add 1 new connection every day!!!
  3. Participate in the conversation - take 1 minute a day and scan your newsfeed, look for new potential connections and content within your network you can comment on and/or like.
  4. Share content with your network - this may be once a week or twice a week, do a status update and promote something you are working on - remember this is a business network! Promoting your company or blog is a great way to increase the quality of search of your content.
  5. Schedule real world meetings with people from your network. This is how you find the pot of gold!!! You decide how committed you are to growth. At the minimum once a week or as frequent as your schedule allows.

This is a great community of 135 million people for you to participate in, are you LinkedIn?

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