20 Retail Ideas of From Top Spa Managers

  1. Practice "Prescription Pad Selling" where the therapist recommends a skincare and wellness regime to the client as a matter of policy.
  2. Practice Permission-based selling. Have a new client form question, or ask verbally,  "May we have your permission to recommend retail products."
  3. Attach retail product to service: (ex: stress-reducing product with massage)
  4. Keep it simple and educate clients on the basics.
  5. Limit sale to under 4 products. (ex: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and mask
  6. Prepare product kits: Offer Holiday gift baskets with 3 separate price points; Bundle products based on type of skin; Create an at-home spa ritual kit using spa products, music, etc.
  7. Consider "justification and documentation" tactics such as using a machine that measures moisture in skin to show improvement over time, which justifies purchase.
  8. Invest in lifestyle products such as music and candles. They are a natural extension of the spa experience.
  9. Liberate your products from locked cases and provide samples to encourage product trial.
  10. Take advantage of vendor collateral material and displays.
  11. Give Priority clients to your best sales people as their clients. This could motivate staff to sell
  12. Consider investment in a retail sales manager and trainer.
  13. Offer special product promotions on certain days. One spa offers "gift with purchase special values" 8 times per year featuring different products with supplier support.
  14. Make staff product discounts available so they can use and believe in the products.
  15. Provide education and support on all levels. Spa therapists don't like to close a sale because they fear damaging the relationship. Selling is usually an afterthought for them.  They need skills!
  16. Have potential new-hires do role-playing with you.  Ask them to sell you a product.
  17. When interviewing, you might ask the potential new-hire, "Tell me what's in your product drawer." Consumers are usually good sales people.
  18. Set sales goals and provide weekly feedback to staff
  19. Make product training available on video
  20. Re-frame "selling" to "solving customer problems"