2013 Top 10 Consumer Trends - Part 1


At the end of each year, we are always flooded with trend reports galore! And who doesn't love to hear from the experts on what's in store for the New Year? The Trendwatching.com report always intrigues me and challenges me to find ways to SPAdaptthese consumer trends and new expectations to the spa industry. So here are the first 5...

1. Presumers & Custowners: Pre-launch & Personal stake

Consumers demand it now, they want it first and they want to be passionate about the products they support (the human connection). I definitely saw evidence of the Presumer "pre-launch" trend this season, which is taking orders on a product that has not yet been realized. One of many good examples is The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Book, not yet published but they took my pre-order HERE.

And the Custowner is moving from passively consuming the product, to funding/investing/owning a stake in the brands they love. But the return must be financial and emotional.

SPAdapt: I think Presumersis an easy one. Do you have a new service under development? A new product, or even product line that you plan to launch in the coming months? What about an approaching seminar; a new massage therapist; a Couples menu for Valentine's Day? Promote it early and see that people will buy into the hype.

Custowners is also an interesting opportunity. I actually like the idea of selling this one to your staff; a stake in the business would definitely help with productivity and retention wouldn't it.

2. Emerging: Hot to Trot

Products and services from emerging markets for emerging markets. Chinese, Brazilian, Turkey, India, South Africa...all selling to each other's middle classes. One example is Amazonas Sandals selling sustainable Brazilian flip flops to China (by the way, take a look at this amazing <spa> sandal)! And it's important to note; even if you are not in a global emerging market, there are still emerging domestic markets within your community.

SPAdapt: For those with global ambitions, the first step for you may be to develop your eCommerce platform, and then consider going mobile with it. Sell your products, services and gift cards to business and leisure travellers, worldwide. If domestic markets are your target, know who the emerging ones are, for example: Women and men of color, the younger populations; the male population, etc. Med spas, my observations lead me to emerging markets requiring eye care services and products to maintain and improve eye health; scalp care and hair loss; and pain management solutions.

3. Mobile Moments: The Addiction

Mobile devices will be used to maximize every waking moment; lifestyle hyper-tasking and digital snacks will rule in 2013. We've been hearing about the 3 C's for awhile now (content, connection & consumption) and I understand this "mobile addiction" in terms of content and connection (apps, FB, Twitter, blogs), but I personally question the consumption part of the equation. It's still often difficult to make mobile purchases due to so many e-commerce websites not being available in a mobile format. It's an extremely tedious job to convert your shopping cart to mobile, which leads me to believe it will still be awhile before consumption catches up to the other 2 C's.

SPAdapt: It's clear that we must build instant information and immediate gratification into our content and connections. This is considered 'earned media', which builds trust quicker than all other forms of advertising; it generates word of mouth and recommendations, which is crucial in preparation for the 3rd C; mobile consumption. So the message here is "prepare now", because mobile consumption is imminent and will replace laptop consumption...eventually.

4. New Life Inside: Giving back

Ecological sustainability remains a prominent sign of the times and now it's time for products that give back. Products and services that tell an eco story are quickly earning eco-status. These items are not necessarily meant to solve major sustainability challenges, but rather provide symbolic value and show your intent to continue to take more meaningful actions. Consider Yanko Design's "grow from waste" chopstick that will support the seed that's hidden in the tip of the chopstick.

SPAdapt:The following ideas are my adaptation of the core story; they symbolize the strongest of eco intentions and most definitely give back. These photos are taken from the 140th Anniversary celebration of a 4th generation, family-run sawmill in Listowel Ontario, by the name of J.H. Keeso & Sons Ltd. where responsible forestry is the name of their game. My Aesthetician of 30 years is a part of this amazing family.

Idea A: Do you have to take down a tree on your property? Have free bags of kindling made from the tree for the taking.

Idea B: Give seedling packets for planting, with the kindling.

Idea C: Have the tree trunk carved by an artist to show respect and symbolize that the tree lives on.

5. Appscriptions: Legit Medics

You may remember DIY Health, #2 on our 2012 Trendwatching Report. But now Trendwatching has flagged it again, stating that with over 13,000 health apps in the Apple app store, digital technologies really are the new medicine. It's now all about finding the BEST, accurate and safe one; and consumers are turning to the professionals and institutes to legitimize and certify these products and services.

SPAdapt: Although this trend is centered around remote monitoring and mobile driven service delivery, it is also about health awareness and treatment compliance.

Enter: http://www.spaevidence.com/spaevidencehttp://www.spaevidence.com/spaevidence

Those who are turning to the professionals for digital medical technologies, also need to look to the Spa Evidence website, an evidence based medicine portal for Spa & Wellness therapies, that explores the hard science behind spa. Solidify your expertise and standing in the industry by providing this relevant, authoritative source of information to your staff and client base online and off. You may find you are actually able to convert non-believers to believers and grow your business with this rich, FREE resource.

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Source: www.trendwatching.com. One of the world's leading trend firms, trendwatching.com sends out its free, monthly Trend Briefings to more than 200,000 subscribers worldwide.