30 MORE Things I’ve Learned from 30 Years an Entrepreneur

Leslie Lyon's tips for spa businesses and entrepreneurs. In this ever-changing, always challenging industry of ours, I’ve learned camaraderie is indispensable. Last month, International Spa Association (ISPA) was once again successful in bringing together an utterly amazing group of speakers, from Key Notes, to General Sessions to the new Second Stage, including; Amy Purdy, Pam Peeke, Scott Friedman, Gerry O’Brion, and Nancy Griffin, to mention just a few, but to whom I am indebted for this part two of my Entrepreneur Blog.

Here are 30 more things I've learned and relearned in the 30 years as an entrepreneur:

1.    “It’s not my problem” is often the problem.

2.    Don’t focus solely on the bottom line.

3.    People before paper.

4.    Convenience is a currency.

5.    MOJO stands for ‘more joy’.

6.    When you turn on positivity, you turn on the learning centre in your brain.

7.    Never give tough clients better service than the rest.

8.    The best surprise is what’s highest on their wish list.

9.    Have you got a plan if it turns out you’re climbing the wrong corporate ladder?

10.  That Twinkie you just ate messed up your gut and chucked out your serotonin.

11.  Love people and like things.

12.  The problem is, we think tomorrow is going to be the same as yesterday.

13.  Look for clarity on only 1 or 2 things at a time, that need change.

14.  Connection. That’s where the profit is.

15.  Don’t be afraid to be very specific.

16.  You need to have a “because”… it’s your proof.

17.  Make sure they know ‘your thing’.

18.  Opportunity is often disguised as an obstacle.

19.  Stress turns off the pleasure centers in your brain.

20.  Act now, apologize later...really?

21.  Customers want to purchase the “outcome”.

22.  Check in with yourself, how are you doing?

23.  Your DNA is not your destiny, your environment is.

24.  In God we Trust…all others must show proof.

25.  Is your purpose in life over? If you’re alive, it isn’t.

26.  An “I didn’t listen to them because I never have” attitude is admirable…not.

27.  Why do we only talk about onboarding? What about offboarding?

28.  Just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean you don’t have it.

29.  To give, really is to receive.

30.  Everyday, replace “Thank goodness this day is over”, with “Today I’m thankful for…”