5 Tips To Establish Your Brand Online

One: View your site through the eyes of a visitor
When visitors arrive at your web site, let them know immediately what you do and why they should care. Far too many companies web sites shroud their identity in flashy graphics and ambiguous slogans without telling prospects what they company will actually for the

Two: Lead with what you do
Instead of focusing on who you are, focus on active phrases that describe real benefits to your target makets.  A web-based or e-mail marketing message should state a benefit right off the bat.

Three: Add personal touches
Add a recognizable, consistent human element speak to readers in a conversational tone. Make sure visual elements reinforce your identity

Four: Focus on words
ontent is not only king, it's the entire kingdom. Even though designers try to squeeze as much graphic impact as they can out of the growing number of people with broadband connections, what matters most online are the words you use.
While words are important, the look of your web site must also support your brand image

Five: Extend your reach
Publish an e-mail newsletter. Having a brand-centered web site is great, but you must rely on people taking it upon themselves to visit it. Offering a free e-mail newsletter allows you to build a database of subscribers who are specifically interested in what your brand represents. Best yet, being able to deliver your message by e-mail puts you in control of the frequency with which your audience is exposed to your brand. Repetition is crucial.