5 Tips to Market to the New Millennium Spagoer

Barbara Kaplan from Yankelovich, Inc. has studied spa and wellness trends for years. Here are Kaplans top five tips to market to the new millennium spagoer:

Authenticity: Consumes want quality over quantity. Intangibles over tangibles. Time over money. We live in a world in which we want density of connections not superficial relationships. This includes community, brands, experience, and spa. We want vibrancy of experiences - things that bring delight, authenticity of relationships - real, honest, straightforward.

Online Presence: A great web site is a must - easy to access and navigate - build trust, build brand, make brand recognizable.

Take Home Programs. Present professionalism and credible information. Give the consumer the message, "You can't do it all yourself, you need expert help with straightforward information." Then provide it to them. Give consumers self-improvement tools that are accessible and adaptable.

Customization. There is a craving for uniqueness. Spas need to address the desire to be exclusive and unique in spa offerings.

Family and friends programs: We are tiring of the fast lane. Priorities are family, health and energy, and primary relationships. Leverage today's core values of family, connections, experiences, and self-fulfillment.