7 Characteristics of Worldclass Service

1. Accessibility. Whether the contact is in person or by electronic means, customers get the feeling that a responsible, easily approachable and customer-friendly person will be available when needed.

2. Competence. Employees have the necessary skills and knowledge and are proactive in demonstrating their ability to satisfy customers. They take advantage of in-house expertise to support the service effort.

3. Attitude. Employees demonstrate a positive and flexible attitude with a commitment to continuous improvement. They are helpful, possess a "can-do"spirit, act with a sense of urgency on behalf of the customer, and are courteous, cooperative, and enthusiastic. The customer gets the feeling that problems will receive personal care and priority attention.

4. Communication. Employees believe that the customer should be as well informed as they are and therefore transmit all the information necessary to sustain a superior relationship. Changes that affect the business relationship—policies, procedures, new services, etc.—are shared with customers.

5. Credibility. Employees are believable and behave with integrity.

6. Features/Innovation. Employees and management work together to remain on the leading edge in introducing new services that result in greater customer satisfaction.

7. Responsiveness. Complaints are resolved quickly and effectively. Requests for
information are handled in a timely manner. Customers feel important and valued.