7 Simple Tips for Twitter


Twitter is one of the five important social networks that must be part of your Spa's social media strategy (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Blogging). Twitter is growing fast, real fast. Twitter is averaging 13.8 million new accounts per month (460,000 new accounts per day), that calculates to roughly 165.6 million new accounts this year!!! Think you don't have time to send out a Tweet every day? There are over a billion tweets every day on Twitter! It is time for your Spa to start tweeting, are you ready for 7 Simple Tips for Twitter?

  1. Share Frequently! You can't share too frequently on Twitter. Got milk? Tweet it! New Product came in? Tweet it! Open Spot for a massage at 5:30? Tweet it!
  2. Connect Facebook! Navigate to http://facebook.com/twitter and connect your Twitter account to your Facebook Page. Facebook status updates are now shared on Twitter. Do not set your Tweets to go to Facebook, Twitter has a language of its own, friends don't let friends Tweet on Facebook.
  3. Connect YouTube! Now your activities on YouTube are Tweeted, whether you auto Tweet when you add a new video or you like a video and it is Tweeted, keep it simple and have your video activity tweeted! 
  4. Connect your LinkedIn! You want your LinkedIn Status Updates to be Tweeted, you do not want all of your Tweets to update your LinkedIn Status. Why? It is too much noise for your business network and the odds are very good that all of your Tweets will not be appropriate for your business network (got milk? not sure why this is so funny to me, but I just tweeted it). You always want to make effective use of your time, when you can update LinkedIn a few times a week and take care of Twitter at the same time, you are maximizing your reach and valuing your time appropriately.
  5. Use Hashtags# Start by researching relevant hashtags. Part of this is very simple #spa and #sanfrancisco #california would all be appropriate if you are a Spa in San Francisco. Using location based hashtags are important as your Spa is a local business (yes, this is true even if you have multiple locations). You may want to use hashtags appropriate for services you provide and even products you use or sell (#massage #facial #sparitual #organicmale). You can use hashtags to stay connected at shows, how about #spashowny if you are going to be at IECSC this year?
  6. Retweet Daily! You need to build social capital. You can do this by Tweeting other people or even easier by Re-Tweeting(this feature is so important it is built into Twitter's website). This is where you lead by example. Share great relevant content with your community by Re-Tweeting members of your local community as well as your professional contacts. This is the single best social activity you can do on Twitter.
  7. Conversation! If you talk with people, they will start to talk back to you in a good way. Use the @ naming convention in your tweet, it will associate the tweet with that account and start the conversation. Hey @spatradenews love the 7 Simple Tips for Twitter - see you in #ny #spa #marketing #spashowny - *The holy grail of Twitter is actually getting together in the real world with people you Tweet with. This requires researching and engaging with people. Developing real relationships that lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. Set one real world meeting a month with someone you Tweet with. #minethegold


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