Behind the Indie Beauty Partnership Between Sahara Rose and Royal Mirage

Sahara Rose features a hammam beauty ritual that celebrates the ancient bathing tradition. (Getty Images)

Inspired by a blend of ancient beauty rituals from her Moroccan heritage, Ikram Elharti created Sahara Rose, a line that fuses tradition with the modern. According to her, the brand began adapting early on to fit the needs of spas. For example, its hammam body rituals were adapted to be performed without a shower to accommodate those with only a dry treatment room available. The brand recently began working with Royal Mirage (Orlando, FL), a spa debuting this spring. Here, discover how the partnership is benefitting both brands.

What are some of the unique ways in which you work with spas?

“In transmitting our rituals, we try to adapt to each spas’ specificities. For example, when working with a brand-new spa, we offer a starter kit with a step-by-step protocol of Sahara Rose signature treatments. Our body rituals are unique experiences of rejuvenation and beauty voyage that we want the final customer to experience the same way, wherever they choose to go for a Sahara Rose signature treatment. It is very important to work with educators to unify and transmit these rituals in a formalized modern way. As a second step and with the growing number of our spa partners, we’re developing more step-by-step videos to insure proper usage and easy access to these protocols.”—Ikram Elharti, founder and CEO, Sahara Rose


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Why has the partnership with Sahara Rose been so effective?

“With Sahara Rose, we are the perfect match. Moroccan Hammam, an ancient bathing ritual, is the core service at Royal Mirage. Sahara Rose provides the complete set of genuine Moroccan products accompanying and enhancing this traditional experience. The company has a very clear understanding of our unique needs and goals and equips us with ready-to-use solutions for our hammam treatments as well as shares its field expertise, offers professional support, training, and advice.”—Mariya Zarubina, co-owner and general manager, Royal Mirage

What are some of the benefits of working with an indie beauty brand, such as Sahara Rose?

At Royal Mirage, our mission is to improve the wellness and the quality of life of our customers. One of the integral parts of this strategy is the use of natural, organic, and authentic products that correspond to our concept, values, and commitments, and that is where alternative brands come into play. We choose alternative brands that bring together centuries-old wisdom and modern science from all over the world and ensure the products we use are 100 percent pure, organic, and free of artificial and chemical additives. We work with brands engaging in ethical sourcing and fair trade, supporting disadvantaged communities, empowering women, and conserving nature and wildlife. Partnerships with alternative brands allows us to build stronger, more personalized relationships and provides greater opportunities for closer, more fruitful cooperation; promotes mutual development and growth; and encourages innovation in the industry.”—Zarubina 



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