Blue Spas' Top Industry Trends

  • Market Trends — Male spas.  Teen spas.  Foot spas.  Medical spas.  The unveiling of very specific market niches has become increasingly popular as the spa industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, and spa developers are creating niches to beat the competition.  Chambers and Collier also believe 2006 trends will see an increase in chain spas (similar to McDonalds in the fast food world) available in malls and shopping complexes that service to a mass market with treatments available at a lower price point.

  • Environmental Issues — Slowly, developers will be more consciousness about environmental awareness and build more "green" spas, those which are energy efficient, conserve water, utilize recycled building materials, and are built in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment, among other things.  Many spa products already use all-natural ingredients and are packaged in recyclable plastic containers or refillable bottles.  There are also many products that donate a portion of proceeds to an environmental charity or back to the community.

  • Government Issues — The government's involvement will be increasing in defining Medical Spas and its licenses, practitioners and regulations.  In 2005, lobbying concerning employee wages (minimum hours vs. flexible hours), tracking tips and compensation will see more results and changes in 2006.

  • Health and Sanitation — Consumer awareness is on the rise about the risks and dangers associated to spas and the cross-breeding of bacteria by guests.  New spa products and equipment have developed to aid in bacteria prevention, such as pipeless pedicure chairs.  Chambers and Collier wouldn't be surprised if inspection ratings will be required to be posted for public display (similar to restaurants in some parts of the country) in the near future. 

  • Operational Issues — As competition increases, Spa Directors will be forced to run a more efficient establishment operationally, cutting unnecessary costs, tightening front desk operations, running more effectively and taking advantage of unique marketing and sales opportunities.