Can you Hear Me Now? Strategies for Staying Connected from Start to Finish

Retention expert Bart Foreman recommends a strategy based on retention of current clientele, because they are the best source of sustaining profitable business. If satisfied, they will bring referral business. He breaks down marketing to four primary objectives:

1. Get New Clients
2. Keep Them
3. Grow Them Into Best Clients
4. Maintain a Consistent Brand Message

Foreman's Basic Marketing Rules

Everyone Has Potential
Best clients can leave, marginal clients can buy more and become best clients, and unprofitable clients can become profitable clients

Reward and Retain
Thank and reward clients for their continued patronage. Use email as a primary tool to communicate with clients and stay connected at every opportunity

Don't Discount
Foreman prefers a "spend and earn, redeem and save" approach

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