Careers in Spa Public Relations

Follow your instincts.  The very best thing you can do is create your own job and have a company hire you to do it.  It's really not as far fetched as it sounds.   Here's a good system to follow when you are starting your search.  Ask yourself a few questions and write down your answers.  What are your strongest attributes?  What level of experience have you achieved?  How much time have you spent working on marketing/advertising/PR for spas?  What kinds of projects did you  create?  Did you coordinate all or parts of one or more programs?    Your answers to these questions will provide you with the characteristics you can use to set some genuine goals for yourself.  And, they will give you a pretty clear picture of where you stand in terms of experience and expertise.

I am a strong believer in networking and I have always made a point of casting a wide net.  Trusted colleagues, friends in the spa business, and former and current clients, have all been instrumental in pointing me in the right direction with my career.  Their advice has been invaluable in pinpointing opportunities and providing referrals.   To me referrals are the key.  They open doors and you get them by asking for them. 

Whether you are seeking to expand your marketing job horizons in the spa business, or if you want to start your own company and do it your way, referrals are incredibly important.  They will give you the entrée to opportunities that you may find ideal for you in New York City or elsewhere.  Be open to the possibilities.  You may find them to be better than you dreamed possible.

Good hunting!