Cidesco and the Esthetician Connection Release Sanitation Course

The course covers myriad topics, such as sterilization methods and proper safety precautions. Photo credit: nathaphat/iStock/Getty Images Plus (Photo credit: nathaphat/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably, irrevocably altered the spa and wellness industry, and proper and effective sanitation strategies are now more important than ever. Cidesco and the Esthetician Connection have partnered to offer an up-to-date complimentary course on sanitation and sterilization to all licensed skincare professionals with an Esthetician Connection account. The complimentary education covers personal and public hygiene; occupational health and safety; material safety data sheets; precautions taken in the spa and salon to prevent contamination and cross-infection; sterilization methods; use of chemicals, antiseptics, and disinfectants; bacteria, viruses, and fungi; CIDESCO standard operating procedure for spas and salons during COVID-19; how to clean up blood spills; and hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS. Those who take the course will also receive a 60-page digital workbook; an online 25-question examination; a certificate with 70 percent passing mark on the multiple choice question test; and a digital badge for passing.

For more information or to make your complimentary purchase, visit the website.