The Comeback Series: Altair Instruments

This series focuses on the many ways that brands are helping the spa industry with the comeback. Photo credit: Altair Instruments

What are five ways in which your brand is helping the spa industry with the comeback?

Altair Instruments is excited to help the esthetician come back, open up, and start giving treatments again.

1. We are helping the spa industry reopen with several new programs, promotions, and personal protection masks.


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2. We are giving a free disinfectant refill bottle with purchase of the accessory replacement kit. Fresh supplies is a must during this new normal. We are also offering a free bonus wand (up to a $425 value) with all of our skin exfoliation systems, including the DT2, NewApeel, and the Petite systems. The DT2 and the NewApeel will feature the new Micro Wand, which is excellent for the hard-to-get surfaces.

3. We have a trade-in program for old Gold DiamondTome wands. For every Gold wand returned, the esthetician will get a 20 percent discount for new wands. This has never been offered before and is a fantastic way to clean out old wands and get new ones for your clients.

4. We know that estheticians want fresh ways to advertise their services, so Altair is giving away free Experience DiamondTome customer posters. These posters can be placed in windows and doors for great visibility and to bring in new clients.

5. We want to keep the esthetician safe in the new normal, so we are giving away a reusable free DiamondTome Hemp mixed antibacterial mask. These masks can be used in the spa or anywhere you go. While supplies last. This has been a rough few months. Everyone has had to do their part in staying safe, stopping the spread of infection, and helping to reopen the spa industry. Altair is proud to do its part by offering programs, promotions, and personal protection masks to estheticians.