Design for Facial Rooms

Design Considerations

laundry drop directly outside of rooms, preferably dropping into chute or carts
millwork for cabinets must washable
provide extra sound proofing in between rooms and hallways

facial lounges:  72"x30".  Provide a sink.
provide stool on rollers, with adjustable height and back support

Tip: mount items like mag and infra red lamps on walls to lessen wear and tear on equipment 

Space Requirements

80-100 sq. ft.  8'x10' or 10'x10'.  (allow enough space for door to open comfortably, at the foot of table)

Location & Access
located in "dry" therapy area with massage rooms, or in the Beauty Salon area. 
lounge and wait area should be within close proximity to the treatment rooms ( this minimizes traffic in between treatments).
Room Set-Up

sink should be  located behind lounge or to the side.  (both hot and cold running water is necessary) sink should be  located behind lounge or to the side.  (both hot and cold running water is necessary)

linoleum or vinyl tile- floor must be non-porous, surface, smooth and washable
Walls, Ceilings, and Doors
wall paper or paint.  Tip: wallpaper may separate at seems from the steamer.
doors must be solid and have some type of numbering or lettering for identification and an "in use" sign.

indirect lighting with dimmer control on wall or overhead at edge of ceiling, not directly over facial lounge. 
task lighting at counter surface.
 Tip: provide separate overhead lighting for waxing, on separate switch.
room does not require daylight.

wall outlet at foot and sides of table.  counter-height outlet for sterilizer, waxing unit, essential oil diffuser. 
in-house with intercom, in each room. 
Sound System
same system as for massage rooms-centrally located sound system with speakers in each room.  Tip: each room needs individual volume control knob.

storage cabinet for professional products with locks and drawers for small tools
countertop for small sterilizer