Dr. Weil Offers Summer Footcare Advice

While I do, actually know better, I will admit that I pretty much live in flip flops all summer long. Due to the fact that I live in New York City and the fact that I’m a complete germaphobe, I do my best to take care of my feet, in spite of this bad practice, and I am always thankful for tips for doing so. But I also realize I should make wiser choices in shoe-wear to help with arch support. So I was glad to receive these tips from Andrew Weil, M.D., renowned integrative medicine doctor, who points out that while some common foot problems plague us all year long, as the weather warms up, feet can suffer more. Plus, some summer footwear actually makes those problems worse. Common foot problems that increase over the summer are fungus, hammertoes, corns, and bunions, not to mention dry and cracked skin. In order to alleviate these problems, Dr. Weil, recommends the following steps,which I suggest you pass along to your clients this summer (and also take advantage of yourself):

  • Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water and mild soap; dry well, especially between the toes.
  • Use a cream or lanolin lotion to keep the skin of your feet smooth and exfoliate regularly especially around your heels and big toes; talk to your doctor about any cracks in the skin.
  • Never walk barefoot (which can increase your chances of contracting a fungus).
  • Don't let your feet get too hot or too cold.
  • When selecting summer shoes and sandals, aim for those with a wide toe box and arch supports, or orthotics, that prevent the foot from rolling in when you walk.

To help, Dr. Weil offers style-friendly and supportive shoe options through his company, Weil Integrative Footwear. Visit www.weilbeing.com, zappos.com, footsmart.com, and retailers across the U.S. to pick up a pair. Looking to expand your retail offerings? You might also consider offering this cute and comfy sandals in your spa.