Duri Helps Guests Fight Alien Bacteria With “X” Files

I’m an admitted germaphobe, so any time I hear about something that adds to the cleanliness level of spa-going, I’m automatically a fan. Plus, I loved “The X Files” when the show was on TV, so I found a recent “X” Files promotion from Duri to be totally charming.

According to Faina Ritz, the chemist behind Duri Cosmetics, most nail files are made of porous materials that can harbor bacteria. The act of filing abrades the surface of nails, so with each use, the file comes in contact with both exposed and fresh nail. If bacteria has accumulated on the file, new layers of nails are being contaminated every time a file is used. All this information is enough to have me running for a vat of hand sanitizer, so I would like to pass along Ritz’s suggestion of "B.Y.O.F - Bring Your Own File" when it comes to nailcare.

Duri offers a collection of 11 high-grade "X" files, each designed in different grit grades to shape nails with ease and comfort while steering clear of bacteria. The collection consists of high-quality disposable files perfect for on-the-go use, as well as an assortment of eco-friendly washable files that are long-lasting and re-useable. These files not only have a longer life, but they can be cleaned easily with hot, soapy water.  Visit www.duri.com for more information, and contribute to Duri’s battle to fight alien bacteria.