Examination of the Beauty Mall Concept

1. The Beauty Mall concept - will  attract the client on the go.  People who want to walk in receive a treatment in fact multiple treatments at one time - pay and go.  But they want to pay one person.  And in order to be successful in this type of operation speed is essential.

2. With each operator running their own business under one roof - it makes it difficult for the client in regards to purchases.  The client sees the operation as a "one stop" service experience, but in reality it is not client friendly or service oriented as the client must pay for each service individually. Therefore this is a question that you want to ask the owner - how does the client pay?  If the client is receiving haircare services, and nail services and waxing and also wants to purchase some hair products and nail products how does it work?

3. A very important question you want to ask is what is the vision of the Beauty Mall concept.  If you are offering skincare or spa body treatments they have more to do with health and wellness than with beauty.  Creating optimum health for the clients mind, body, and psyche.  We do not make people more beautiful or pamper them, what we do is promote wellness from within and aim to get the client in the best health condition skin and body that they can possibly be in.


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