From the Experts: Why Your Spa Should Sell Boosters and Ampoules

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Providing a boost to your clients’ skincare routines and increasing the efficacy of the treatments you perform is a no-brainer. “Skin boosters, ampoules, concentrates, serums, complexes, no matter what trending name we call them, have always been the gold standard in aesthetic treatments and are critical to achieve the maximum results in the minimum time,” says G.M. Collin's Karen Asquith. “They address everything from dehydration and sensitivity to acne and skin aging.”

Skin boosters also give you the ability to treat multiple concerns at once. “An example of this could be using a calming booster with soothing arnica and chamomile and combining it with an antibacterial acne mask,” says Eminence Organic Skin Care's Brian Goodwin. “With this formulation, we can not only stop bacteria from growing and prevent breakouts but also soothe inflammation and instantly dissipate the swelling and red appearance of active breakouts.”

They also provide an ideal way to help clients boost results at home. “Ampoules and skin boosters magnify the results of actual treatments and homecare regimens by adding higher concentrations of pure ingredients to expedite and enhance results and create a long-lasting outcome,” says Christian Jurist, M.D., director of global education for Pevonia. Many spa-goers turn to them before a big event, such as a cocktail party or wedding. Says Solenne Brian, national trainer for Sothys, “It’s a shot of radiance for the skin.” One way to help client's maintain their skincare routines at home, and to help your spa's bottom line, is by selling boosters and ampoules in your spa's retail store.


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While skin boosters provide a way to take your treatments to another level, they can also do the same with your spa’s retail sales. According to Babor’s Ben Simpson, ampoules can be used with any existing menu or skincare brand. “Whether used as an add-on or upsell at spa-level, one Babor ampoule is a simple $20 to $25 upgrade,” he says. “Partners who have embraced the Babor Ampoule Concentrates upgrades have captured a higher upgrade conversion rate while at the same time converting more than half of those guests into purchasing retail after the treatment. In working closely with our partners on the ampoule program, we’ve seen that both treatment performance and guest satisfaction has increased significantly.” 


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