Facebook Offers - Are You Ready To Pay?


Facebook is evolving how your Spa's content is seen in the newsfeed of the people who like your Page. Over the last few months we have been given increased detail in close to real time how many people see each status update (look at the bottom left of your post, if you click on this you can see how many people saw the post on your page vs. the newsfeed of someone who likes or comments or shares the status update). Why did Facebook do this? To encourage you to Promote your posts. For as little as $5 or $10 you can have a lot more people see your status update. Why do we care?

Facebook Offers must now be Promoted. When you create the offer (this is a feature when you post a status update on your Spa's Page, an example might be - book a massage get a free manicure) you now have to set a budget to Promote the offer. The budget you set will determine how broad your exposure will be. There have been a lot of complaints about having to pay for status updates to be promoted. I see this as a strategic advantage for you. Now you have control over how much exposure your offer will get. You can pay for your offer to be seen by more people! 

It is critical to remember, the quality of your offer will determine the success of your campaign. You want the offer to be so good that everybody who Likes your Spa's Page will claim the offer and tell their friends about it. Ten percent off their next purchase is not going to cut it! Think more aggressively and create an offer that will educate your clients about new services and tie in with the upcoming holidays. Test the offer by asking a few clients if they would claim the offer (when they claim the offer they get an email they can print out and bring in). A successful Facebook offer will be Claimed by people who Like your Page and grow the number of Likes for your Page. Facebook offers are slowly maturing into a valuable tool for your social marketing efforts. Are you ready to use Facebook to ignite your sales and promotions this holiday season?