Facebook Offers - Social Shopping Gone Viral


Are you promoting using the latest tools on Facebook? Facebook Offers, a new feature on Facebook means increased Edge Rank. What is Edge Rank? This is basically the algorithm that determines whether your status update is seen by the people who Like your Page. New features are promoted into the newsfeed, right now that newest shiny feature is waiting for you on the status bar of your Facebook Page, Facebook Offers. Think of this as shot at Groupon, now you can create offers that will not cost you 75% of your value!!! How do Facebook offers work?

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Page for your Spa.
  2. Click on Offer/Events + and select Offer (right where you normally make a Status Update).
  3. Fill in the Details, Preview and let your Offer go Live. 

As your Offer is Claimed, it will be seen by the friends of people who Like your Spa's Page and Claim the Offer. This is an amazing way to reach your 2nd degree network. What should you be careful with? Start by limiting the number of people who can Claim the Offer. The default is unlimited, you want to protect your business and make sure you can handle the number of people who Claim the Offer. Attach a great graphic to your Offer so it is visual and enticing! Get aggressive with the Offer, the more people that Claim the Offer the more your Page will be exposed. This is a GREAT way to grow your presence on Facebook and reward the people who Like your Spa. Get your Offer on Facebook and let the power of Social Shopping work for you!!!