Finding Your Voice - Your Personal Road To Engagement!


There is an extremely large pink elephant sitting in the corner of the room. Social Engagement. You don't post enough content on Facebook, you rarely Comment on anyone's status update and you are even hesitant to Like a photo. Why? You haven't found your voice.


 "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Sometimes we silently Lurk, rebelling against the deluge of content flowing thru Facebook and increasingly LinkedIn. Our inner rebel claiming silence as a form of anarchy against the dog and kitten pictures, flash drenched under exposed of a steak that looks more like feces in potatoes than the "amazing" meal it is being described as. Silence is actually the easy way out. Looking at photos and never commenting is the simple way to hide your greatness. Break the protective shell that edits you into perfection and get a little messy. Whatever you do, find your voice.


The first few Likes may be inappropriate (If I like an R.I.P am I saying yeah they are dead or expressing my condolences, was that an awkward photo I just liked), questioning the content you see in your newsfeed is an important part of the maturation of social media. Making a few mistakes here and there will generally be o.k. The price of not making mistakes is not just deafening silence, it is lost opportunity and lost revenue. Are you ready to find your voice? Below is a simple 5 step process you can practice daily. Evaluate and analyze the results weekly, do more of what feels right.


How To Find Your Voice on Facebook

  1. Scroll thru your newsfeed on Facebook, Like 3 posts that make you smile. Keep the standard that low. If it adds any energy to your life, try Liking it. Think of this "high five" as the most basic form of engagement.
  2. Comment on one Status Update or Photo per day. Don't worry about being funny or having to have an opinion, consistently commenting will make it easier to engage in conversation. 
  3. Share a photo once a week. Pick a photo from an organization you support or a product you love. If all else fails, share a photo of your dog. Yes, your dog will get a lot of Likes, be o.k. that more people Like your dog than the 25% off coupon you posted last week. 
  4. Share a Link to something you enjoy. Keep the link something you talk with people about normally. If anyone comments on the Link, try replying to the comment. If you have nothing to say, go comment on someone else's link. Be the leader you have always been.
  5. Look at the top right of your Facebook Newsfeed, you will see it is one of your friend's birthday, maybe even a few of your friends. Wish them a Happy Birthday!!! If you say Happy Birthday enough, it will get easier to say everything you really want to say. Start with those 2 simple words, and grow.

It is critical to your success in social media that you find your voice and by extension find the voice of your Spa or Product. Practice will improve your engagement and consistency will make it easier to achieve great results. You are ready to break down the walls that constrain your social media marketing efforts. Start today!


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