Four Questions to Ask Your Spa Consultant

We reached out to some of the industry’s top spa consultants to uncover their experiences working with clients. Here, our expert panel recalls the insightful questions they’ve asked—and been asked— during the getting-to-know-you phases of their most successful projects. 

“Spa owners should ask the consultant how they feel they can be of benefit to the project and how they intend to execute it.”—Rianna Riego, chief brand and wellness officer, Civana 

“Always ask for a client list of projects that the potential consultant and/or team has worked on. Often, consultants will take credit for work that is not specifically theirs, so asking for case studies that outline their specific role, timeline, and general outcome is important.”—Amy McDonald, owner and CEO, Under a Tree 

“Spa owners should ensure they’re asking consultants to tell them about their career experience and explain their work process, ask if they see any challenges with the project, how they will measure success, whether or not that success is guaranteed and what happens if the client isn’t satisfied, what the payment and fee structure is, and whether or not they’ll sign a confidentiality agreement.”—Julie Pankey, managing partner, JMPankey Partners 

“Prospective clients should just straight-up ask consultants, ‘Do you receive any compensation from vendors for making recommendations for their company?’ I put my criteria for vendors in my proposals and my contracts and make it clear that if they’re to offer referral fees or compensation to me, I give them back to the client as a discount.”—Christi Cano, founder and president, Innovative Spa Productions


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