Front Desk Intelligence

If you keep hiring more and more of the same kinds of receptionists; the same ways you always have; with the same sad results; maybe now is the time to do things differently.

Re-vamp your "Recipe for a Receptionist" to:

  • One part "spa-like
  • One part "social-ite"
  • Two parts "sales-type"

In other words, a charming; engaging individual; who can deliver tangible bottom-line results. Your receptionist needs to be able to sell services; products; programs; and people, otherwise what are they there for?

In sales, you can never underestimate the power of charm.

When demand outweighs supply; as in the case of charm; it holds a strong position of power. It's very important for your receptionist to recognize these moments. Being charmed is absolutely captivating; and when your client is captivated, they also become engaged. It is at this point of engagement, that the opportunity for a sale presents itself. When passion is paired with power and purpose, it's what makes great athletes; leaders; entrepreneurs...and receptionists!

Recognizing moments of power.

Receptionists experience many more of these moments (sales opportunities) than the rest of your staff. Train them on the "Power of 2". That is; always have 2 options on the table. They could suggest the top tier option first; which if turned down, increases the odds of the second option being accepted, or they could present both options at once for the client to make their choice.

Here are 4 examples:

  • Option #1 for a client requesting anti-aging, is a series of 6 photo facials; and Option #2 is a 2-hour premium facial with microdermabrasion. Option #2 is still a top tier sale for the business, but just as importantly; it is still an excellent choice for your customer, in place of Option #1.
  • Option #1 is to pre-book the next appointment right now; and Option #2 is a reminder call when it's time to book their next appointment.
  • Option #1 is to purchase this item for themselves now; and Option #2 is for the spa to call her husband so he can purchase it for her birthday.
  • Option #1 is for the client to sign up for your Referral Program now; and Option #2 is to give her sample packs or spa gift vouchers to give to her friends and family.
  • ?
  • Think in 2's: Start anywhere and always have somewhere to go.

Reverse assumptions.
Receptionists holding onto old beliefs; limits them. They must stop assuming clients have no time or money and that their sales efforts are perceived as pushy and aggressive. They must start assuming clients have time and a budget for items of value that will provide benefits; and that these suggestions are welcome solutions.

Scouting or Skirting Potential?
View phone calls and walk-ins as opportunities, not interruptions. Act fast when you see your receptionist acting like potential clients are getting in the way of her doing her job.

Listen with the intent of seeing.
If you're going to sell things Betty buys, you have to see through Betty's eyes. Train your receptionist to listen and then speak...with charm, passion, power and purpose.

And consider personality profiling to give rise to this position of power.