Go Behind the Brand with Sothys

Go behind the brand with Sothys president, Christian Mas. // Photo via Shutterstock

While Sothys was founded approximately 70 years ago, the origins of its name reaches as far back as ancient Egyptian mythology. According to the brand, Sothys was the name that the ancient Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky. She was perceived by the inhabitants of the land of Pharaohs as the jewel amongst jewels. Men were fascinated by her brightness and her beauty. More importantly, she dedicated herself to women in order to preserve their beauty and happiness.

When Sothys was acquired by the Mas family in 1966, the initial goal was simply to open up a spa and beauty institute in the United States. Fast forward to 2019, Sothys is now available in 120 countries and more than 15,000 spas and institutions around the globe. What is the brand's secret to success? According to Sothys president, Christian Mas, beauticians are responsible for half of the brand's success. To this day, the family-operated brand prides itself on working closely with its customers and innovating the new and impactful products. In fact, the brand develops at least 30 new formulas every year.

Here, watch Mas discuss how his father co-developed the Sothys business, as well as the secret that makes them one of the few French brands found in spas and salons across the U.S., and what to expect in the coming years.


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