How to create a "reader-centric" blog

Blogging is a powerful way to connect with your target audience and establish your company as a “thought leader."  The essence of thought leadership “is to show, rather than tell what a company can do, and to do so in a way that positions and differentiates that company's offering for the chosen target audience.  By so doing, you give prospects and customers a chance to sample your expertise." (Rolf Jester, VP, Analyst Gartner)

I saw a great article about blogging in today’s Content Marketing Institute newsletter and I’d like to share a few  highlights. Too many spa industry blogs push their own agenda rather than creating real value. And they really are missing the point.

  • Find blog topics that resonate with your audience. Follow the news, issues, trends and research that affect your industry or niche.

  • Turn questions into content. Think about the real-world issues or problems your audience may have. Turn the answers to those questions into blog posts.

  • Invite others to contribute:  Post guest blogs and share juicy tip-bits from experts interviews. In addition to providing you with interesting content from a fresh perspective, guest bloggers may have a significant following of their own.

I highly suggest you read the entire article

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