How to Get the Most Out of Your Day ... the 5-Step Starter Process

Most of the time, the success of our day depends on our overall attitude and our subsequent behaviours. Perhaps one of the most important considerations that we can take with us each day, is the way we choose to interact and respond to the people and things in our surroundings, which will be a direct reflection of how we in turn, are received and treated.

Even though we come from many different backgrounds, diverse upbringings and living environments, there are still common threads that run throughout each and every one of our minds and bodies, and those are the needs of acceptance, approval and understanding. When we feel these emotions, we are empowered and MOTIVATED.

How can you position yourself each day to enjoy these gifts? Whether you are an Employer or Employee, there is a simple 5-step starter process that will guide you through to becoming better understood, more respected and your efforts appreciated...a proud purpose.

If you are a Leader or Manager, go back to the Successful Motivators above. If you are an Employee, go back to the Admirable Attributes section.

Choose the 3 that you scored the lowest on and probably need to work the hardest on;
Pick out the top 3 that you think the people around you would choose for you to improve upon;
From those six points, select 4 priorities for this project.
For each day of the week, choose one of the 4 points that ended up on your priority list. On the 5th day of the week, practice all 4.

Leader or Manager - Select your priorities and start here:
Day 1 - Show enjoyment in being there and promote a sense of fun
Day 2 - Begin by spending time with as many employees as possible
Day 3 - Start getting everyone "in the loop"
Day 4 - Commence rewarding good behavior and disciplining poor behavior
Day 5 - Continue with all of the above.

Employees - Start improving upon your priorities:
Day 1 - Display a positive attitude and a friendly smile
Day 2 - Show that you know when it's time to work and when it's time to play
Day 3 - Encourage your team's growth by sharing information and knowledge
Day 4 - Be dependable, on time and present
Day 5 - Continue with all of the above

Take note of where you saw a positive reaction - this is part of the reason you are doing it. The other part is for you - you are beginning to see the effects your actions can have on others. The more positive the outcomes, the more you want to repeat them. You are becoming MOTIVATED and it's not because of anyone's actions, but your own.

By assessing your results each week, you will come to know when you are ready to move onto the next 4 priorities. It may be 4 weeks, or it may be 12 weeks. In order to move on to the next priorities, you need to have seen some proof that your efforts have paid off and they are now feeling more like pleasurable habits. Consider these points:

Have you received positive verbal feedback on the changes?
Have you seen evidence that these changes have made a difference towards the people you work with?
Have you experienced a change in the way people are responding to you?
Are these behaviours becoming more routine to you?
Do you feel differently about yourself?
Once you have answered "yes" to each and every one of the points listed above, you are ready to move onto your next set of priority challenges. By now you are not only experiencing a strong sense of personal motivation, you are passing it on to everyone you touch. Positive actions and responses are the most contagious gift we can give ourselves and others.

Superior People Practices - What are they?You probably have an individual in your life, or more than one if you are really lucky, who is able to continually display a sense of goodness wherever they go and in whatever they do. Although this individual can see the negative behaviors around them, they choose to dwell on the positive ones, they approach life from that perspective, and they act out their lives in that way. These are the people we should be choosing to surround ourselves with. These people will always support us; they will secure us personally and show us what success really means. These individuals might possess qualities such as: non-critical; empathy; never whines or complains; places others first; keeps secrets; has great manners; shares in your winnings and failures; is observant; a good listener; patient and understanding; wants to make a difference; is a life contributor.

Do you have a Life Mentor, or are you One?You probably have a life mentor, and maybe you are one yourself, but often you won't even know it. Successful people are surrounded by a core of individuals who want to see them succeed. A life mentor is someone who makes you more aware of your feelings, your abilities and your successes. Take note of those individuals who make you feel grateful; thoughtful; humble; confident; smart; funny; worthwhile; irreplaceable. They are your life mentors.

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people - and are you one of them?If you need to do some work to improve upon your superior people skills, first consider who you are surrounding yourself with. Are they supporting your efforts, or holding you down? When unattractive characteristics abound, you need to find the nearest exit. And, if your goal is to improve personally, watch out for these behaviours: excessive worrying; over-opinionated; over-demonstrative; controlling; inability to learn from others; the "my way or the highway" mentality; critical towards inexperience, inadequacy or inability; finish first; self indulgent; boastful; afraid of failure, so avoids change or taking risks.

You may have to re-think your approach
-Who do you think is responsible for motivating YOU into a positive direction?If your circle of companions are demonstrating too many of these characteristics, or if you yourself are, you may need to take control of your life, NOW! Believe that what you focus on is your choice. The way people perceive you is your choice. To a large extent you can manage the behaviours that others display towards you. If you're finding it difficult today, take some quiet time, gather up some of the positive information and experiences that have brought you joy in your life, and draw on them as needed.

What is the Spa's main objective or purpose? Whether you are in a Leadership, Management, Administrative or Therapist position, it is to demonstrate comfort and caring within a warm and welcoming environment. But sometimes, somewhere along the way, you may have lost your passion, your joy for the position, and you have become the opposite of what you originally set out to be. Why has this occurred? What can you do to fix your situation? How do you think you are viewed? How would you like to be viewed? By your staff ... by Management ... your co-workers ... your customers? Only YOU are responsible for motivating yourself back into a positive direction.

(Re) Creating a Positive Self AgendaTo be able to uncover your proud purpose in life and business, you need to be able to define what makes you happy and brings you peace. If you need to walk away from uncomfortable situations; turn off the negative and turn on the music, do it. A positive self-agenda takes you to a place of comfort and serenity. Your personal rewards may come from paying it forward; volunteer work; mentoring; sending a quick note to someone special; or showing unwavering support to those in need. Remember to surround yourself with the right people and always focus on your own good intentions. Remember that the "right" choices are the right choices for "you". Your relationship with other human beings is directly comparable to the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.

AAAAA - All Admirable Attributes Are AliveWe all have admirable attributes, it's just that sometimes they are hidden from view. What if you were to challenge yourself every minute, every day of every month? When your AA's are not in plain view, hunt for them deep inside of you, bring them to the surface, and display them with pride. If we can consciously challenge ourselves on an ongoing basis, even when it seems an enormous task, this skill will turn into a practice, which will eventually become a habit. The habit of developing and displaying Admirable Attributes will lead you to your own proud purpose in life and in business because good habits build good moral fiber and good moral fiber is the root of success.

For each of us it is different, but the root of our own proud purpose is our ability to uncover and become the admired person we really want to be - and we all want to be admired, it is at the core of every human being, it is our unspoken ambition. A random act of kindness can be the most efficient way to awaken your AA's. When you see the look of appreciation on someone's face when you do something "unexpected", you will want to see it again and again - it is contagious and a life lesson that has no limits.

Consider the lives of those around youWhether it's openly apparent or not, there is undoubtedly a friend or co-worker who is experiencing personal anguish and could use your compassionate support. Whether it is physical, emotional, financial or spiritual, your ability to recognize, adjust and consider these needs will bring worthwhile rewards to your life, as well as to the life of that person. Remember though, you can only help restore those who are interested in restoring themselves.

Let's all support the Corporate CultureIt has been said that the Leader is the one responsible for building the company culture, but what if you were all to take on the responsibility of contributing to it's development and sustainability? Leadership is a status, a skill that many of us possess, even if we are not in leadership positions. So knowing the importance of the role, wouldn't it make sense to support the Leader and work towards mutual goals? Isn't it true that what will help the business will help you? If your team were to strive to develop an atmosphere of integrity and purpose, wouldn't it make coming to work more rewarding? If AA's are alive and kicking at your spa, wouldn't this help you retain happy, loyal customers? I believe the answer is YES!

Right NOW is your opportunity to shine. Commit to building a progressive Spa career by practicing Superior People Skills. And when you find your proud purpose, you'll find the light. And when you find the light, you too will feel the love!

By Leslie Lyon, CEO Spas2B