How to Increase Retail Sales

Retail is an enormous point of leverage for both sales and profits. Unfortunately, many spa therapists avoid "closing" a sale because they fear damaging the existing relationship with the client. A lot of times selling is an afterthought rather than a routine part of the job. A great way to increase retail sales is by providing education and support on all levels. The use of scripting and coaching can overcome the fears that inhibit peoples' confidence in selling.

 Strategies for Improving Retail Sales

  • Offer product discounts to staff so they can use and believe in the products

  • Have potential new-hires do role-playing with you--Ask them to sell you a product

  • Hire people with a propensity to sell. When interviewing, ask the potential new-hire, "Tell me what's in your product drawer at home,"or "tell me about your favorite product," to gauge their interest in products

  • Set weekly sales goals and provide constant feedback to staff

  • Make product training available on video

  • Practice permission-based selling. Have a questionnaire for new clients, or ask: "May we have your permission to recommend retail products."

  • Attach retail product to service--ex: stress-reducing product with massage

  • Keep it simple and educate clients on the basics
    Prepare product kits for special occasions; offer holiday gift baskets with separate price points

  • Create at-home spa ritual kits using spa products, music, etc.

  • Liberate products from locked cases and provide samples to encourage product trial