How Your Spa Can Benefit from Wellness Apps

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While wellness applications have been known to be hits amongst consumers, the truth is these apps can also provide spas with numerous benefits. They help spas to track their clients’ progress and personalize treatments. They also help build accountability and a connection between the spa and the client. “Wellness apps offer value on two levels,” says Simon Marxer, director of spa and wellbeing at Miraval Group. “First, they offer support and accountability for the client’s wellness or self-care, which is critical for the adaptation of habits or behaviors in a wellbeing routine.

Second, the opportunity to provide this content and integrate into clients’ daily lives builds a connection to a spa’s brand and content, deepening the connection between your clients and your business. Any opportunity to assist in a person’s pursuit of wellbeing and assist in their living fully is a rewarding initiative. Doing so and keeping your brand ‘top of mind’ while finding that balance is why a spa’s investment in an app represents a great value for all.” 

Here, discover some of the many benefits that wellness apps offer spas and spa-goers alike:

  • Ease of use and convenience: “We are living in an on-demand era where consumers have an expectation to easily find, book, and pay for their wellness sessions with limited time spent during this process,” says Stephanie Moran, senior vice president of regional marketing at MindBody. “With apps, clients can browse at their own time at any given point of the day and select an appointment that works best for them.”
  • Support from friends and community: “Beyond being able to track performance, many wellness apps today are interactive and social,” says Kat Vu, social media marketing manager at Vagaro. “Users can share their progress with their friends and be a part of a supportive community with the same goals.”
  • Acts as a personal coach: “With a simple notification, an app can remind a client that it is time to stand up if they have been sitting for a long time or that it is time to complete their daily meditation,” says Foreo’s Sarah-Jade Lacoursière. “Skincare apps work in a similar way by sending users a friendly reminder to proceed with their skincare routines. I compare this to having a personal skin specialist at home, reminding you of best practices and contributing to your overall results in-between appointments with your beauty professional.”
  • Advanced customization: “Many of today’s apps create individualized user profiles, which allows for advanced customization and optimization of the user’s routine,” says Lacoursière. “By syncing a device to the app, the user is offered the ability to create a personalized routine that fits their skin’s needs.”
  • Reduce human error: “Users can set their homecare devices to automatically enter the next stage of their treatment after they reach a specified trigger programmed by the spa,” says Vu.
  • Help guests stay on track: “There are multiple wellness apps that help with everything from A (Appointments) to Z (Zen),” says Kim Watters, fitness manager at Red Mountain Resort (Ivins, UT). “Working at a destination resort as an instructor and a trainer, I find apps to be a great tool in helping our guests to stay on track as they venture back into their daily routines. Interval-timing apps that signal with bells, whistles, or a personalized playlist will keep them moving and resting at the correct times so they can continue the workout they were sent home with to incorporate into their routine. Depending on their interests, I can send them home with a running app to coach them as they gradually increase their intensity or speed, a meditation app to help them relax and recover, or a nutrition app to help them with their new food guidelines.” 


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