Making 2011 the Best Year Ever!

Here we go again… Hope you already set your goals for 2011! The one thing I notice every New Year is how excited and motivated most people are in January.  They clean the office, get organized, set goals, have a positive outlook, are motivated and then few weeks later… go back to old habits.  Why does that happen? Does it happen to you?  If so, don’t let your old (bad) habits creep back in this year.  Keep the positive momentum going throughout the entire year.  Yes, I know it’s not easy, but that’s what separates mediocrity from Excellence.

Speaking of excellence, if you want to be excellent this year you need to focus on marketing.

Marketing is one of the most important keys to your success. Without marketing, you won’t maximize your spa’s capacity or your revenue generation.  You need to have an annual marketing plan in order to insure a steady flow of new and repeat guests visiting your spa or salon.  Having a marketing plan is what separates a successful business from one that is barely surviving.  Here are 7 Easy Steps to help you create a great marketing plan:

1. Take time to focus on your marketing needs. Do a 2010 assessment.  Evaluate what worked and what needs to change. Then, plan your 2011 success.

2. Identify your target market. Who are your clients?  Create a client profile that best describes your clients.  Research their demographics (age, income, lifestyle) and psychographics (likes and dislikes).

3. Match the right menu and price to your target market. Is your menu selling your services or is it just a price list? Does it describe treatments in enticing ways that make clients say “I want that treatment”? Refresh your offerings focusing on wellness and beauty.

4. Set a marketing budget. Many people think that marketing requires large budgets.  But that is not the case.  There are many economical marketing strategies you can participate in.  Practice this rule of thumb: invest 10% of your gross revenue into marketing.  Determine your monthly marketing investment and apply it to your economical marketing mix to help increase exposure and traffic.

5. Choose your marketing mix. Many spa owners think that advertising is the main type of marketing to participate in, but that is not the case.  There are many marketing mix options to choose from.  In the Leap Ahead Seminar, we cover over 34 different economical marketing strategies you can participate in and are designed specifically to increase your traffic and revenue.

6. Develop your marketing material. Your marketing material must portray a professional image and deliver a compelling message to take action.  Too often we see ads and email blasts that don’t ask the target market to take action.

7. Plan your marketing calendar. Here is the biggest mistake we encounter.  Many people don’t have a marketing calendar for the entire year!  Without a calendar you are reacting rather than planning.

Don’t delay, start now! You saw how fast 2010 went by, so don’t let 2011 pass you by without an annual marketing plan.  Take time to plan your success!  or buy a marketing plan that is already to be customized.

Leave your comments and let us know  how you are planning to market your products and services this year.

Happy New Year from the entire InSPAration Management team!